Through its innovative Group Conditioning program ACTION1 (Athletic Circuit Training 1-ON-1), Trainers Haven has helped various Sports Teams and Individuals get the competitive edge on the opposition and achieve great improvements in their strength and conditioning.
Started in 2004, ACTION1 has quickly become one of the most exciting and effective Group Conditioning programs being offered in Gymnasiums, Parks, and Corporate Offices.  Check for updates on upcoming programs or contact us for more information on how to bring ACTION1 to you.


If you haven’t tried ACTION1 yet then come try a class for free.

ACTION1 at River Ridge Park (near Kiwanis park) in Kitchener 

Come experience a one of a kind group fitness program. ACTION1 is an affordable, effective, and fun boot camp style class that uses the latest tools and methods to enhance your training environment. No matter what your fitness goals are, this class has it all and offers modifications for all fitness levels. See you at the park!

Please bring your registration form to your first class.  Forms will also be available at the class. Please send us an email or call/text us to let us know you are registering.

Click link below for a printable registration form

Registration ACTION1 River Ridge 2019

Registering for classes is easy and flexible.  Although you will get the most benefit by attending all of the classes we understand that everyones schedule may not allow for this.  That is why classes are always $10 per class and you can choose to pay as you go or purchase passes ahead of time.


Classes are always just $10 per class (HST included)

Payment options are Cash, Cheque (payable to Trainers Haven) or Credit Card (Sorry, no Debit available)

Frequently asked question:

How do I register for the class?

Please send us an email or call/text us to let us know you are registering.

How old do you have to be to participate?

You must be 16 years or older to register independently for ACTION1.  12-15 year olds can also participate with parental consent and must be accompanied by an adult during class.

What is the structure of the class?

These ACTION1 classes will starts with a 5-10 minute dynamic warm-up to prepare the body for the circuit stations.  There will be 7-9 different stations (3-4 cardio, 3-4 strength, 1-2 abs/core) that each participant will rotate through in an interval format.  Classes end with a 5-10 minute cool down and stretches.  Classes will be 50-60 minutes long.

What do I need to bring to the class?

Water is definitely a must especially on warmer nights.  Other optional items:  sweat towel, yoga mat for stretches (if you prefer not to stretch on the grass).  Dress appropriately for the weather conditions.

Are classes cancelled due to bad weather?

Classes go on rain or shine.  Only extreme rain falls or thunder/lightning will cancel a class.  There will be make up classes as needed (likely on Saturdays or Sundays).  If there is a forecast for bad weather please check this website to find out if the class is cancelled.  Decisions will be made by 6:30pm on the night of the class.

Can I try a class before committing?

Yes.  We would love for you to try a class for free.  Please contact us to make arrangements.

What kind of equipment does the class use?

One of the things that makes ACTION1 different from most other boot camp style classes is the great variety of equipment used to make it more interactive and fun.  Here is just some of the items you will get to see and use:  BOSU balance trainers, agility ladders, resistance tubing, mini hurdles, body blades, medicine balls, push/pull sleds, plyo boxes… and much more.

Will some of the exercises be too tough for me?

It is our goal to make ACTION1 a class for all fitness levels and abilities.  We will always show modifications so that any participant can get the most out of the class.  Please let us know if you have an injury or limitation so we can help you.

Where can I park and how do I access River Ridge Park?

There is plenty of Parking on both sides of Hawkswood Dr. and there are 2 good access paths to the park.  One by 82 Hawkswood Dr. (where it intersects with Owl Ridge St.) and another by 138 Hawkswood Dr. (where is intersects with Riverbank Way).

Is there washroom access?

Yes.  Although the park itself doesn’t have a public washroom, you can use the washroom in the Trainers Haven workout studio at 82 Hawkswood Dr. by using the side entrance.

“I love ACTION1 because it is so much fun you do not even realize how hard you are working and at the end feel that you had a fantastic workout. You can go at your own pace so it is made for every level of fitness. Albert has put together a brilliant class that is incredibly effective.”  Nancy

“ACTION1 is a perfect strength and conditioning class for me. I enjoy working out with a group of people and having partner exercises that push me and motivate me to give my best, but I can also scale it down according to my abilities. ACTION1 helps me improve endurance, strength and speed and I personally need that on the soccer pitch.”  Katja